Public Seminar – Oxford Learning Institute

Just to advise you that the Week 8 Seminar (13th June) at the Oxford Learning Institute with Professor Charles Bazerman is now fully booked. I’m sorry but if you were planning on attending this event, and you haven’t booked your place, then you won’t be able to attend this seminar
Title: How to grow as an academic: What you read and cite, what kinds of things you write, and with whom you communicate

Speaker: Professor Charles Bazerman,

Date: 13 June, 4pm – 5.30pm (followed by an informal drinks reception)

Location: Oxford Learning Institute, Seminar room, Second Floor, 16/17 St Ebbe’s, Oxford OX1 1PT

Abstract: “Academics write papers, through which they give shape to their intellectual journey, engage in dialog with colleagues, and make their contribution to their academic and professional communities. Personal and professional vitality grows through writing. But the kind of writing one does and the connections one makes with others matter.  The genres one writes in, the problems one addresses, the literature one draws on and the communities one engages with make a difference in the problems one solves, the ideas one has, the claims one makes, the professional presence one establishes, and the contributions that endure.

I will present results from research elaborating the effects of reading and citation on thinking and the creation of professional identity, on the way genres focus intellectual tasks and cognitive problems, and the importance of immersing oneself in professional dialog.  We will then explore in an interactive workshop what these themes mean for your own work and career and how you can make strategic choices to bootstrap yourself into higher levels of work”.

If you would like to attend or require further information or directions please contact Sally Jordan e-mail: or telephone 01865 286811.

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