Vitae PGR Tips on ‘What do researchers do?’Earlier

Vitae PGR Tips on ‘What do researchers do?’

Earlier this week Vitae has published a new report from the ‘What do researchers do?’ series, which suggests those with a doctoral qualification are more “recession proof” than those with other qualifications. This report provides a fascinating overview of doctoral graduates’ early careers, looking at their employment three years on from their PhDs and highlighting the major value of doctoral study to researchers, employers and society at large. 

Have you ever thought about the bigger socio-economic context of researcher jobs?

Our ‘What do researchers do?’ publications and resources can help you stay informed about your career choices in the ever-changing job market in a number of ways:

Your first job is only part of the story.

You are unlikely to spend the rest of your career at your first employment destination. If you already have an idea of what you want to end up doing, ‘What do researchers do?’ may give you an idea of possible routes to get there.  

Check what jobs and sectors your peers have gone into

You can now see what jobs people have gone into, not just by broad discipline, but by  subject. What do researchers do? contains statistics on sectors and types of employment entered, three years after graduation.

Read the careers stories of people in similar positions to you.

Whether you want to find out about the career path of someone who did a doctorate in the same subject you did, went on to do the sort of job you would like to do or set up their own company, there are probably some stories in here to inspire you.

Share your thoughts and plans with your supervisor, career adviser or colleagues

Our Labour Market Information website has useful information on employment outside academia, which will inform your career conversations.

Be inspired

In the careers profiles people reflect on the value of their doctorate Having completed they can see the effect of the doctoral experience on their professional and personal lives. It can be easy to lose sight of the value while you are completing your doctorate, but let these thoughts reinvigorate your motivation!

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