Versatile PhD Monthly Message


Hello! Versatile PhD here. Starting now, we’re going to send “Monthly Message” emails to all members about once a month, containing news about what’s happening on VPhD. For example:

Panel discussions coming up

Industry for Physical Scientists, Sept. 23-27, STEM Forum
E-Learning & Instructional Design, Oct. 14-18, Humanities Forum, all disciplines
Industry for Life Scientists, mid-November, STEM Forum

Please tell us your discipline

We need to know which disciplines are using the site the most. Can you please tell us which category BEST reflects your discipline? This info will not show on your profile and will be used only in aggregate, never for personal identification. Please click one:

Arts & Humanities
Social Science
Life Science
Physical Science & Mathematics

We really want to know, so please click if you are willing. BTW, on your profile is a field where you can state your discipline in your own words if you want.

That’s it – short and to the point. We hope you will let us send you Monthly Messages.

To opt out of Monthly Message emails, click here.

Thanks and have a versatile day!

Paula Chambers
Versatile PhD Founder

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