2014-15 Oxford Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

OLI_headerThis  course focuses on building a cadre of future educational leaders able to provide educational advice and guidance within their departments or colleges. The course runs over a year, and participants are largely free to schedule their reading and other preparation to suit their own commitments. Averaged over the year, the time required works out at about half a day per week. The course involves eight full-day seminar/workshops held outside term-time. There are no course fees, and in some cases, divisions may fund a small degree of buyout for participants to engage in the course.

For detailed information and application forms please visit the Oxford Learning Institute website at http://www.learning.ox.ac.uk/support/teaching/programmes/diploma/.

Applications for the course should be received by the PG Diploma administrator (diploma.administrator@learning.ox.ac.uk) at the Oxford Learning Institute no later than 17.00 on 25 March 2014. If you have questions or would like advice on teaching development programmes available to staff, please contact Kathryn Black, on 01865 286825 or kathryn.black@learning.ox.ac.uk, in the first instance.


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