What do researchers do next? #PostAcStory – 26 June 2014, 2pm



Doctoral researchers – Get career inspiration for your post-PhD life!

Join a live Q&A with doctoral graduates for Vitae’s FREE #PostAcStory Google Hangout on 26 June (Thursday) from 2pm UK Time! Our moderator will be joined by researchers turned consultants as well as researchers working in and outside academia to discuss what it’s like to do their jobs, how they got there and how they decided what to do next after their PhD or Postdoctoral grant.

If interested to join, please respond to the invitation here: http://bit.ly/1hyxEJk

Career opportunities for researchers cover a wide range of sectors including higher education, manufacturing, finance, business and IT, health, and public administration. Recent trends demonstrate that over half of researchers will go on to pursue a career outside academic research or teaching on completion of their doctorate. So how do you decide which career to embrace? How do you find out which career would suit your strengths, values and interests?

Our panellists will help you answer the following:

•       How do you realise what strengths and talents you have?

•       What have other researchers done?

•       What kinds of career paths do researchers follow?

•       What is it like to stay in academia as research staff?

•       What is it like to do research in a different setting?

•       Which qualifications and experience are required for various careers?

•       Work-life balance in various post-PhD careers

To meet our panellists and read more about the event, please, go to: http://bit.ly/1x19AmG

JOIN the conversation on the 26 June. We’re looking forward to having you involved!

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