Next event in Athena Swan Seminar Series – 5th September

14:00-15:00 Richard Doll Lecture Theatre


Prof Roberta B Ness, MD, MPH – School of Public Health, The University of Texas, US
For the next Athena Swan Seminar event, Roberta Ness, recent Dean of the Medical School at the University of Texas will be speaking to us about her career path from medical doctor to recognised leader in women’s health research and expert in innovation and creative thinking.
Roberta’s research covers a wide range of women’s health topics (e.g. epidemiology of ovarian cancer; preeclampsia and pelvic inflammatory disease; bacterial STIs).

Roberta was one of the first to propose the research paradigm now termed “gender based biology” in her book titled, Health and Disease among Women.

She is also interested in innovation and methods for teaching creative thinking, and published a number of successful books on the subject, including Innovation Generation and Genius Unmasked.

Professor in the Division of Epidemiology and Disease Control and current holder of the David Low Chair in Public Health at the University of Texas, Roberta Ness is a leader in her field. Roberta has advised to the National Institutes of Health in the USA, winning the Laureate Award from the American College of Physicians and the title of Distinguished Professor of Women’s Health by the Society of General Internal Medicine in 2008.

Check the link for further details of Roberta’s background

If you have any queries please contact Sasha Shepherd (

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