Sussex’s Springboard Programme: Limited Free Places

The University of Sussex is running a Springboard Programme in the Autumn, and have very kindly opened a limited number of free places. The programme is for women, and tailored for research staff and researcher developers. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.





Springboard Women’s Personal Development Programme

University of Sussex, Autumn 2014

‘I wasn’t convinced that a programme just for women was for me but it was excellent. I have gained, and hope to gain in the future, so much from it. I now feel an internal confidence that I had lost, or never really had in the first place’.


Jenny McConnachie, Senior Lecturer, Robert Gordon University
The Springboard Programme is a three month personal and work development programme, designed and developed by women for women. The programme consists of a workbook, and four one-day workshops over the course of three months. Participants work in small groups and are encouraged to support each other as peer-mentors in between Workshops. Attendance at all four Workshops is essential.

Subjects covered include:
·       assessing yourself, your organisation and world around you
·       establishing your core values, and making decisions with them in mind
·       setting goals and objectives, creating and implementing realistic action plans
·       finding support, getting information, networking
·       assertiveness
·       stress management
·       putting yourself across positively

The programme covers personal as well as work issues because the work person is developed by developing the whole person. It ensures that development is integrated because so many personal issues have a strong impact on work performance. Springboard can help you assess where you are now, set goals for where you want to be, and create realistic plans to get there.
Springboard has been successfully run in many HEIs, for all women staff. This programme will be delivered by Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden, a freelance Springboard trainer with five years experience of designing and delivering researcher development programmes. Sarah will tailor this Springboard programme for early career research staff and researcher developers.

Benefits for you:
Each individual has her own reasons and agenda for the three months, and these vary enormously. Feedback from previous programmes shows that participants:
·       are more confident and assertive
·       have a greater sense of direction
·       have stopped procrastinating
·       balance their lives better
·       take greater control over their personal and professional lives
·       set themselves more challenging goals
·       make better use of contacts to gain information and increase their visibility


If you take part in the programme, you will be expected to attend all four workshop in full (Thursdays: 4th September; 2nd October; 30th October; and 27th November). Workshops run from 09:00 to 17:00. To get the most out of the programme, you will also need to commit around three hours a week to working on your workbook between workshops.


To apply for a place on the programme, please complete the online application:
For more information, please contact Sarah or


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