‘Things to do with Data’ talks series continues

Another series of ‘Things to do with Data’ lunchtime talks will run on Wednesdays of weeks 2 to 7 of Michaelmas term 2014.

The talks are for researchers (including postgraduate research students) from all disciplines, and offer an accessible introduction to aspects of data management from planning to re-use. The aim is to inspire whilst also considering the practical requirements of research funders and issues surrounding data sharing.

This term’s talks cover data visualization, network analysis, systems for managing medical data, and data as intellectual property, along with introductions to tools and services to help look after data more effectively.

The talks will be hosted by the IT Services Research Support team and the IT Learning Programme, and will be held at IT Services in the 13 Banbury Road building. All talks begin at 12:30pm and conclude at 1:30pm.

For more details (and slides and recordings from last term’s talks), see http://research.it.ox.ac.uk/datatalks

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