Preparing for Leadership (8/9 Jan 2015) – Places still available


Vitae Midlands Hub Preparing for Leadership for Research Staff (8th – 9th January 2015), Birmingham City University A two-day professional leadership training course for research staff

Cost: This course is free to attend, however, we ask that participants pay for their own travel and overnight accommodation.

To apply for a place on this programme, complete the application form (


. Research staff who are typically within the first 4 years of their postdoctoral career.

. Researchers who are starting to take on leadership roles or who wish to take on more leadership roles in the future.

. Please note a limited number of places are available for Researcher Developers wishing to observe the course. Please contact Kate Mahoney ( for further information.

The programme recognises that:

. Being effective as a researcher requires many varied skills and attributes, which may differ by discipline.

. Postdoctoral researchers may have a lot of responsibility for their projects and work, but often much less authority.

Aims of the programme

. To help you assess your current position . To identify where you would like to progress to . To identify what it takes to succeed in your current and future roles . To have a plan to achieve your goals What’s in it for me?

This programme will take participants though many aspects of leadership including:

. Leading self

. Intellectual leadership

. Team leadership

By the end of this programme, you will be better able to:

. Appreciate the critical situations that have led you to be successful to date

. Consider what leadership might mean

. Understand yourself and your preferences that will allow you to exercise leadership in a way that suits you

. Clarify the tasks that are expected of you both now and in future roles

. Identify the areas of competency that are required for the next steps into leadership positions

. Create a vision and strategy to implement; decide what is important for you

. Decide the culture you want to create

. Decide how to get the best out of other people

. Decide how to develop yourself to do all of these things more effectively

. Appreciate what is important and essential in any future role

. Develop a peer network

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