New-to-teaching: postgraduates who teach STEM

19 February 2015, Park Plaza Victoria London

Many postgraduate students in STEM disciplines perform teaching and demonstrating duties, often working in laboratory classes or leading seminars or tutorials. In some cases they undertake associated marking duties and provide formal feedback. Juggling these extra responsibilities can sometimes be a bit of a challenge alongside postgraduate studies, but it provides a great way to gain valuable experience for a future academic or teaching career and develops skills that will be useful in other areas.

This new-to-teaching workshop will be particularly relevant to early career academics, teaching fellows, technical staff, associate or visiting lecturers, postgraduates who teach, researchers and others who have been teaching for less than two years. It will appeal to people who are interested in applying for Associate Fellowship or Fellowship of the HEA.

There will be a practical emphasis throughout the day, and the workshop will include opportunities to share practice and network with other individuals in similar roles and at similar career stages.

Bookings for this event are now open. Attendance at this event is free for subscribers and there is a charge of £190 for non-subscribers.

Find out more about the event and book your place here


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