Ideas to Impact (I2I)

Ideas to Impact (I2I) is a pilot initiative to build capacity and practical skills for doctoral students with potential entrepreneurial ideas, with focus on DPhil students from the sciences in their 2nd year and above. The focus of I2I is a sustained series of lectures and activities designed to deepen understanding of how innovation occurs.

This content complements other offerings by the Saïd Business School, the Oxford Launchpad, and the academic Divisions at Oxford, as well as Centres for Doctoral Training.

The I2I team includes Dr Maria Nikolou and Dr Marc Ventresca, along with the team at the Entrepreneurship Centre.

The programme includes:

  • Elective course in the Hilary (8 weekly sessions) with MBAs, ‘Strategy & Innovation’
  • Full access to the Oxford Launchpad activities for Hilary and into the summer months: See Launchpad website for roster of workshops, competitions, and activities:
  • Opportunity to work together with MBAs on ventures and/or to develop ideas from the doctoral research/Lab
  • Bespoke sessions for the sciences students.

I2I requires a commitment over the Hilary Term to participate fully in an MBA elective course, ‘Strategy and Innovation’. The lectures can be taken on Thursdays 1-4pm or Fridays 1-4pm at Saïd Business School. Readings and case preparation for each session will be made available to I2I participants.

The Oxford Launchpad, along with the Entrepreneurship Centre and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, provide a variety of workshops, seminars, and speakers during the term. I2I participants are welcome to participate in these, in the Hilary Term and then through Trinity and the summer.

There will also be opportunities to work formally and informally with MBAs on the core ideas of ‘ideas to impact’. These activities will be developed as the term progresses, and will build from initiatives at the Saïd Business School and also from current activities and ventures of recent alumni.

The I2I initiative will also offer several bespoke sessions for the sciences students. These include a primer session in week 3 on ‘MBA language’ and then occasional lunchtime seminars with science entrepreneurs/CEOs.

If you are interested in joining this programme then please complete this application form and further information and return by 16th January (end of this week: note deadline has been extended for MPLS participants.)

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