VIEW Startup Workshop

Do you have a startup idea? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Are you working on a new technology?


VIEW (“Venture Idea Exploration Workshop”) is a new startup workshop run by the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. The objective of the program is to provide hands-on learning, allow students to explore their entrepreneurial ideas, and accelerate the startup process.

The program is running in Trinity Term.  There are 5 sessions that run from May 2nd to June 12th. The workshop is run by a team of start-up experts and university professors.  Each venture team is part of a small cohort of fellow teams that are led by coaches. In addition, each team is paired  with a mentor and is given tools and guidance that accelerate the progress of their startup.

To learn more, ask questions, or apply now, please visit

Please RSVP for the mixer event on Thursday March 19th at 5 pm in the LaunchPad, where you can come find out more and visit with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Drinks Provided.

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