Publishing Better Science Through Better Data – CONFERENCE – Last few tickets released

Research data should be an asset rather than a hindrance to getting published, receiving funding or progressing scientists’ careers. As policies on sharing and managing research data continue to emerge – from research funders, communities and journals – they need to be put into context for researchers preparing their next paper or grant application.

After a rapidly sold out inaugural half-day conference in 2014, ‘Publishing Better Science through Better Data’ returns in 2015 for a full-day event. The conference will explore the practical implications, for early career researchers conducting and publishing their work, of data sharing policies. This will include advice on publishing, advancing careers and include discussion of emerging tools and resources available to researchers to help them, and society, derive maximum benefit from scientific research. The focus of the 2015 conference is on natural sciences and medicine, from academic and industry research perspectives.

Speakers will include representatives from leading journals, research organisations, funding agencies and technology providers. Also, delegates are invited to submit proposals to present lightning talks and demos of case studies of data sharing and analysis tools in action.




Timo Hannay (Digital Science); Jeremy Frey (University of Southampton); Ritu Dhand (Nature); Andrew Hufton (Scientific Data); Matthew Sydes (MRC CTU/UCL); Susanna Sansone (University of Oxford); Ewan Birney (EMBL-EBI)



Researchers are invited to send proposals for a 7-minute demonstration/presentation of a tool for sharing, publishing, managing, integrating, analysing or reusing research data – or a research project facilitated by research data sharing. Presentations might include academic or industry-led examples of databases, tools and platforms for data sharing or collaborative research being actively used by groups or communities of researchers. Presenters might demonstrate what experiments they’re doing as a result of these resources, how they collect data from those experiments, and a result from that data that was made into a publication. Possible topics include but are not limited to imaging, mass spectrometry, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, medicine and epidemiology.

Please send lightning talk proposals up to 150 words in length to no later than 31st August 2015.



  • Research data for discovery. Research and funding perspectives on the benefits of, and available tools for, scientists to maximise the value of their research data for their own work and the research community.
  • Research data for publications. Editors of leading journals from theNature portfolio will give practical advice on how data access and management influences publishing decisions in high-impact journals, and will discuss data repositories, and novel publication outlets, such as data journals.
  • Data sharing, integration and reuse in action.Lightning talks and demos from academic and industry researchers and technology providers will showcase tools for, and case studies of, research facilitated through broader data access.
  • Opportunities from research data.Research leaders and technological innovators will discuss opportunities for training, careers, and the development of new ways of conducting and communicating research in a more data-intensive era.
  • Priorities for research data.Panel discussion to explore where limited resources for funding, publishing, peer reviewing, analysing, archiving and training related to research data should be best used.

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